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S2B2: The Life and Times of a Pitching Guru, Brent Pourciau

In this episode, Brent Porciau joins us to talk about what inspired Top Velocity, “the most comprehensive biomechanical approach to enhancing pitching performance.”

Brent Pourciau is the product of Louisiana. After suffering a devastating injury in his first college appearance, Pourciau refused to listen to medical experts tell him that he couldn't play anymore. Instead, he built one of the most successful pitching programs out there today. 

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S2B1: The Life and Times of a Pitching Prospect, Alex Katz

In this special BONUS POD, Manny sits down with Chicago White Sox pitching prospect and founder of KD Custom Kicks, Alex Katz.

Alex Katz is the product of Long Island, NY, a St. Johns grad, current minor league prospect for the Chicago White Sox, and a member of Team Israel in the 2017 WBC. He is also the co-founder, alongside Anthony De Lucia, of KD CUSTOM KICKS where you can create your own custom cleats/sneakers or purchase a unique pair already designed by guys like Katz and De Lucia. 

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S2E1: MLB Has Free Agency Problem | MadBum’s Beef with the Opener

In this episode, something is amiss in MLB. How do you fix it? Then, Manny and L.A. break down San Francisco Giants SP MadBum's recent comments regarding the Opener.

In the season two premiere of the Welcome to THE SHOW podcast, Manny and L.A. try to figure out what's happening in MLB. More than 100 free agents remain unsigned, among them Manny Machado and Bryce Harper, and Kyler Murray just chose to enter the NFL draft over fulfilling his commitment with the Oakland Athletics.

Are teams hurting themselves in the long run by not forking over the money?

Also, It was reported that Madison Bumgarner (aka "MadBum") texted Bruce Bochy during the winter meetings his displeasure with Farhan Zaidi’s comments about the opener. “If you use an opener in my game, I’m walking out of the ballpark,” he’s reported to have said.

Is the opener changing MLB too much at this point?



The Eephus: A David and Goliath Story

On one day back in June of 1998, Bob Tewksbury defeated Mark McGwire with one of baseball's most obscure pitches, the eephus.

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Gone: Uncovering Babe Ruth’s Lost Home Run

David Neft is an American pioneer best known for gathering a team of researchers to create the first ever comprehensive Baseball Encyclopedia. In doing so, for one week, way back in 1969, after Neft’s team of researchers uncovered Babe Ruth’s lost home run (HR), The Baseball Encyclopedia was to officially recognize 715 as Babe Ruth‘s actual career HR total.

Soon thereafter, a committee voted to return Ruth’s record to 714.


Fantasy Baseball: Previewing the 2019 Season with ‘The Joker’

In this episode, L.A. (aka "JLA) previews the 2019 fantasy baseball season with Fantasy expert "The Joker". They talk draft strategy and more!

Throughout the upcoming season of the Welcome to THE SHOW podcast, L.A. will be checking in with Fantasy Baseball experts touching on everything from picking up sleepers on the waiver wire to manipulating ESPN's Fantasy Baseball algorithm.

In this Quick Hit bonus episode of the pod, L.A. talks to fantasy expert "The Joker" about why he voted to allow each team in his league to have a 2nd DL slot. Then, "The Joker" talks about who the first pick of any draft should be.

*Hint: if you don't pick Mookie Betts or Mike Trout with the 1st pick, you should be ashamed of yourself*

Finally, "The Joker" makes a case to his league for counting defensive points.


The Craig Kimbrel Fiasco + Is Ye a Genius?

In this Bonus Podcast, Manny and CT break down the latest Craig Kimbrel fiasco. Then, the Mets are finally given some credit for the moves they made this offseason... or nah. Finally, CT educates Manny on Kanye West being a genius.

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“Cuba Libre” w/ Francys Romero

On Tuesday, Francys Romero was the first to report the news that MLB and Cuba reached an agreement to allow Cuban players to sign with MLB teams. Just now, Jeff Passan reported that the historic agreement has officially been finalized.

Francys joins us to talk about the implications of this agreement.




“Hollywood Harper?” w/ Chris Camello

On Monday, WTTS spoke with Chris Camello, who first reported that the Los Angeles Dodgers and Bryce Harper had reached an agreement. How legitimate are these claims? Listen to find out!

On this bonus episode of Welcome to THE SHOW, Manny spoke with Chris Camello, beat Writer/Columnist for The Rebel Media Group and freelance journalist for the Daily BreezeOn Saturday, Chris Camello reported that the Los Angeles Dodgers and Bryce Harper had reached an agreement.

When asked why we should take his reporting seriously, Camello directed us to three stories:

  1. Justin Turner and Kanley Jansen's extensions
  2. Trading for LHP Scott Alexander
  3. The Dodgers losing Head of Research and Development, Doug Fearing

Camello was the first to exclusively break these Dodgers stories with the help of his source.

Camello alsoo made it abundantly clear that according to his source, the Dodgers want Bryce and vice versa. He also echoed Ken Rosenthal's statements that while the Dodgers "are widely rumored to be in on Harper, they do not want him on a long-term, record-setting contract."

In order for the Dodgers to feel comfortable moving forward with their "agreement" with Harper, they will have to move one or all of the following contracts:

  • Matt Kemp (1-year, $21.5M left)
  • Rich Hill (1-year, $18M left)
  • Yasiel Puig (1 year before UFA)

After moving those deals, the Dodgers, will probably offer Harper a short-term deal worth big-time money.

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Baseball Winter Meetings Recap

In this Bonus Pod, Manny and and CT break down the 2018 Baseball Winter Meetings. Which moves (or non moves) helped improve a team the most?

While plenty of moves were (not) made, the boys discuss Bleacher Report's post Winter Meetings power rankings in which the Red Sox are slotted ahead of the Yankees. Surprisingly, Manny and CT both agree with the rankings. Especially, considering that the Red Sox were by far the best team in baseball last season and all the Yankees have done so far is add a SP.

Then, Manny and CT break down the J.A. Happ deal to the Yankees. Did the Bronx Bombers overspend on an aging pitcher?

When you take into account that J.A. Happ was more valuable to his team last season when compared to his comps, the 2-year, $17M deal he received seems fair. Adding an aging starting pitcher can't be, however, be the only way the Yankees address their starting pitching needs.

Next, the boys discuss the Craig Kimbrel situation, in which the closer is demanding a 9-figure deal. Manny breaks out some amazing stats that should support Kimbrel's asking price. Let's leave it at this, at this point in Kimbrel's career, he is the best relief pitcher in baseball. Scratch that, he's the greatest relief pitcher of ALL TIME!

Finally, Manny and CT discuss player deals. Does it make sense for an organization to reward a player for his prior performance? Or should a team base their offers on a players potential?

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