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S2E14: Albert Pujols gets 2000th RBI

May 14, 2019

Topics covered in this episode include:

(00:00) Intro - Fantasy Baseball matchup: CT vs Manny

(02:19) Game of Thrones: Season 8 episode 5 recap

(12:57) Albert Pujols gets 2000th RBI - Unanimous Hall of Famer?

(29:31) Does Tampa Bay deserve the Rays? - Yankees talk

(39:31) Red Sox talk

(46:22) MLB Beef: Madison Bumgarner vs Yasiel Puig

(55:21) Derek Holland's fake injury claim - true or false?

(01:00:21) Mike Fiers throws 2nd career no hitter - 300th in MLB history

(01:09:49) Players of the week


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