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Red Sox Woes; Madden Curse; Enter the Dragon; Jeffrey Epstein Conspiracy

August 14, 2019

Enjoy this week's episode of the Welcome to the Show podcast where we talk about sports and current events!

(00:00) - Intro; The greatest Bachatero of all time

(07:02) - Should the Redsox fire Dave Dombrowski?

(24:45) - Rookie of the Year debate

(34:50) - Antonio Brown and the Madden Curse

(39:51) - Movie review - Enter the Dragon; The Hateful Eight

(54:50) - The Jeffrey Epstein Conspiracy

(01:02:44) - Recent Mass Shootings; Time for Gun Control

(01:18:22) - Outro; Watch 'Screwball' by Billy Corben on Netflix

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