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“Ninety Percent Mental” with Bob Tewksbury

October 10, 2018

Bob Tewksbury was drafted by the Yankees in the 19th round back in 1981. In his 13 years in MLB, he played for NYY, CHC, STL, TEX, SDP, and MIN. He has a lifetime 110-102 record, 3.92 ERA, and led MLB 2x in BB/9. He is notoriously known for being a cerebral pitcher. He got by with his pinpoint control and by trusting his fielders behind him. In 1992, at age 31, Tewks was selected to the ASG and placed 3rd in the Cy Young voting. He was most recently a mental skills coach for the San Francisco Giants. Before that he worked for the Boston Red Sox.

 Today, we talk to Tewks about his newest book “Ninety Percent Mental” where he explores the psychology behind baseball. We talk about how a technique called mental imagery and strategic thinking can maximize performance. He breaks down how a pitcher’s strategy changes throughout a game. Also, we explore how Tewks uses these techniques with MLB superstars like Jon Lester, Andrew Miller, Anthony Rizzo, and Rich Hill.

 “Ninety Percent Mental” is available in all bookstores. If you sign up for a free trial with Audible, you can secure the audio version of this book absolutely free! Just go to audibletrial.com/welcometotheshow to get your free copy and a 30-day free tial.

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