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Mets stock keeps rising; Redsox in trouble; Clint Fraizer beef

August 6, 2019

The Mets are playoff bound while the redsox are falling out of it.  Why haven't the Yankees called up Clint Frazier? Who is your rookie of the year?

(00:00) - Intro; The New York Mets are on fire! Does Mickey Callaway get a second chance?

(14:22) - Redsox are in bad shape

(28:31) - Yankees continue to win games; What is the real reason Clint Frazier hasn't been called up?

(37:51) - Rookie of year candidates; Tim Beckham suspended 80 games PED use

(50:57) - The golden age of shortstops; How much is Javy Baez worth?

(01:03:54) - Dragon Ball Super; Outro


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