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The ALCS we needed, but not the one we deserve

October 17, 2018

We are spoiled as fans. Here I was reminiscing about all the yankees vs redsox moments throughout history. I was just accepting that the most popular series in the playoffs had ended last Tuesday.  And then, on a potential home run by Jose Altuve in the second, that was ruled out because of fan interference on a Mookie Betts play - it finally hit me how big this series is. The top two teams in baseball are facing off in a 7 game series! Aren’t these the kind of matchups we’re always asking for? Almost every game so far has been close (thank you JBJ).  It’s only the 4th inning in this game, and it’s already been intense. The point is, for how ever many years in a row now, we’ve had some pretty amazing matchups across all major sports, but it’s never enough!

But enough about that rant, are the Astros cheating cheating? As of right now it doesn’t matter what the Astros did or didn’t do, because nothing is going to be done about it until they finish their season.  In other news, Manny Machado saw some Kyrie Irving highlights and decided to break some ankles of his own. Clayton Kershaw sucks at sucking in the postseason. Alex Bregman makes every play at third. Ron Darling is hard to like.

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