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#7: Greatest Team Ever Assembled? W/ Ace Smith

May 10, 2018

Matt Harvey is dealt to Cincinnati. Will the Dark Knight rise again? Star players like Kershaw, Cueto, and deGrom are dropping like flies. Are they really hurt, or are organizations taking advantage of the 7-day and 10-day DL? Several teams are in need of a short stop and Manny Machado is on the block, where does he fit best? Also, given the revolution of analytics in baseball, should the criteria for making it into the Hall of Fame be changed? Then, What has the man who ran Governor Jerry Brown and Senator Kamala Harris’ political campaigns been up to? Writing a book about Negro League stars like Satchel Paige playing in the Dominican Republic during Trujillo’s reign. Averell “Ace” Smith’s new book, “The Pitcher and the Dictator,” details the story of what some call “the greatest team you’ve never heard of.”


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“The Pitcher and the Dictator” is available in bookstores across the US. Also available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.