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Episode 5 | Katie Sharp

Mike Francesa makes an appearance! What’s with extended goodbye tours that seem to always result in a return? Also, Sean Manaea no-hits the Red Sox. Are no hitters on their way to extinction? The Yankees are in the middle of a 20-game stretch without a day off. Could this determine their fate for the rest of season? We also debut our very own WTTS Power Rankings. Also, Katie Sharp of River Ave Blues joins the show to talk advanced stats and Yankee baseball. Follow her on twitter, she will make watching Yankee games more enjoyable, if that’s even possible. Who advances in the first, round one matchup of the Steroid ERA Bracket challenge? Finally, who would you take: David Ortiz or Jeff Bagwell?

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Episode 4

This week we cover all of the postponements in baseball. Should the MLB season be shortened? Joey Votto and the Cincinnati Reds are off to their worst start ever. Should the Reds consider dealing Votto to a contending team for prospects? We talk about the resurgence of Justin Verlander, and answer the question: who is the best pitcher in baseball right now? We rank Didi Gregorius’ standing among active shortstops, we break down Giancarlo Stanton’s swing, and even get a visit from the Commissioner of baseball. Finally, we reveal who won the final two wild card matchups in the Steroid ERA GOAT Bracket and we introduce the next matchup.

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Technical Difficulties

This week we experience technical difficulties. We recorded a full episode for everybody but, unfortunately, our audio will not download from a nameless site that is supposed to allow us to co-host remotely. Good news though, you get to hear what we sound like when we're frustrated - not too different - and our theme song in its entirety!

Seriously though, we apologize for this issue. We vowed to drop an episode every Thursday during the MLB season and we exhausted every avenue to no avail. If this unamed site doesn't have a solution for us, we will move on to another more reliable site so that this never happens again. There will be a fresh episode on FRIDAY! So, please stay with us and remember to SUBSCRIBE so you never miss an episode.

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Episode 3

This week we talk about why Bleacher Report ranked the Cubs over the Mets. Will Bryce Harper be baseball's first $400 million man? Shohei Ohtani is dominating on the bump and at the plate. If this continues, does Ohtani take the title of best player in the league from Mike Trout? Could Mark McGwire have broken the single season HR record without PED’s? Also, we debut a new segment called “TEST YOUR FANDOM!” Finally, who advances to round one of the Steroid Era Bracket? And who would you take, Gary Sheffield or Jason Giambi? Chipper Jones or Vladimir Guerrero?


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Episode 2

This week we cover the relief pitcher "revolution." Are rookie managers too quick to pull the trigger on their starting pitchers? Shohei Ohtani gets a "w" and hits a couple of dingers. Where was this Ohtani in spring training? Also, is bunting against the shift good for baseball or no? Finally, we delve into the first two wildcard matchups in the "Steroid ERA G.O.A.T. Bracket." Who will advance Piazza or Palmeiro? Gwynn or Ichiro?

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